A fully integrated telephone system ideal for large and small businesses from Revolution Generation.

Welcome to a new type of VOIP dialler system


Blend inbound and outbound calls seamlessly whilst allowing xml feeds from your website and others to fed into the system and ensure you are able to speak to your potential clients swiftly.


With voice recording you can monitor and review your calls helping you educate your staff and maintain a high level of training.


Utilising the wall board function for complete visibility of your sales staff's actions as well as regular use of the Management Reporting System to monitor your staff at all times so you know what calls are being made and when.


Allow your sales floor to discuss and negotiate with their clients easily with the simple to use interface.


Remove the need to buy additional hardware and expensive VOIP or SIP phones. The ComuniK8 system uses your computer's hardware including speakers and microphones to make a call or simply buy headsets to plug into your PC or laptop.


Your staff can transfer calls from agent to agent to ensure your staff are able to deal with the right calls effectively.


The ComuniK8 system helps your business gain an advantage with a market leading phone system allowing you to dial your leads ahead of the competition, every time.

Why Comunik8?


Why do we do what we do?

The Comunik8 system was originally built out of frustration that we had with other phone systems on the market. Most were too costly and had poor interfaces as well as a lack of flexibility - they generally just didn't work as we wanted. One day we decided that we could do better and build our own. The Comunik8 system was born.

Comunik8 helped us to grow our business and we quickly realised that many others faced the same difficulties we did. Since taking the system to market we have gone from strength to strength.

We see our clients as partners and as such our goal is to make you as successful as possible. Your success is our success and we look forward to our many years together.

The Comunik8 system can be customised fully to integrate with all of your existing systems including CRM's, payment portals and other IT platforms.

Communik8 can work with all of your existing data streams including leads from your website, emails and even real time xml sources.

Client information can be auto loaded straight into the system and allocated to specific agents, to vast improving the customer journey.

The Comunik8 system is so much more than just a phone system, it is a multi channel communication tool, seamlessly blending inbound and outbound calls with email and sms as well as generating real time statistics and legacy reports. We start with a goal of saving you money and work to improve your efficiency to ensure you will see the benefits.

What have we learned?

Speed to first dial is important

If you move in a competitive environment the speed in which you can contact a client or prospect can be the difference between a sale and money poured down the drain on a wasted lead.

Imagine a world where a prospect submits an application on your website and your agent speaking to them with all of the client's information on display within 1 second. With Comunik8 this can become reality.

If your business ever purchase's leads from lead generation companies these leads are not only sent to you but up to four of your competitors at the same time. We can make sure that it's one of your agents on the phone to that prospect first and turn a losing marketing source into a winner

Mobile CLI Presentation helps answer rates

One of the questions we have come across time after time is how to improve the answer rate when calling potential clients. When phoning a mobile the majority of the UK public will not answer a phone number they don't know that begins with 0800, 0845 etc. Research has shown that people are much more likely to answer a mobile phone number they don't know. The comunik8 system has the ability to make your calls show as a mobile number. Should the potential client miss your call the chances are they will return the missed call as it shows as mobile number and with some technical wizardry this call will go straight through to your offices.

Call Recording is useful

With the Comunik8 system 100 % of calls are stored on our secure server. Through your own unique portal you have 24 hour a day access to all of your calls. You can search for calls by time and date specific agents even the number that a client called you back on. You can specify how long to keep recordings for dependant on the requirements of your business or ombudsman.

What's involved?

We take great pride in make your transition to Comunik8 system as smooth and seamless as possible.

We aim to bring no down time to your business during the changeover.

We can port your existing phone numbers or even supply you with new ones (as many as you need).

The system can be tailored to your specifications and branding.

So get in touch if Comunik8 is of interest to you. We are more than happy to answer any questions or even let you download a sample copy to make some calls of your own, or even come to you and show you the full benefits Comunik8 can bring to your company.

If you are looking for bespoke software for your business, but not sure who to speak to, try Revolution Generation.

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