Lead Generation

If you work in a business that needs a steady stream of enquiries and leads, then there are thousands of ways of generating them online.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is quite simpke. Utilising a variety of methods you can create leads and enquiries for your sales team to work on and quote.

Depending on how many leads you need, your budget, and whether you need a steady stream or a short term boost will affect your lead generation strategy.

Short-term lead generation campaigns

If you need a short-term lead generation there are a number of methods available to you. Online methods are great in this instance as they are much more measurable than most offline marketing techniques. We can help you find the best way in which to hit your short-term objectives.

Long-term lead generation campaigns

If you are looking more long-term than lead generation techniques will need to be much more strategic and have a longer lasting effect. Mixing online and offline techniques often work for the best long-term campaign. We have knowledge of both world's and bags of experience mixing the two together to generate the best leads.

Quality Vs. Quantity

It's all very well having 50 leads a day coming into your office but we make ourselves accountable for the quality of the leads. When you work with Revolution Generation we monitor the conversion rates of the leads you receive via our methods to make sure it is generating quality and turning into business.

Every digital agency offers SEO, but what we at Revolution Generation do better is understand your business.

Without breaking the bank, your business can be in front of thousands of clients who are engaged and ready to buy their insurance.

More than being aesthetically pleasing, your branding and imagery needs to tell people what your business is about.

Understanding where your clients are coming from and where they are going is of huge importance.

More than a passing phase, social media is important to any business hoping to gain traction online.