If you are looking to generate some exposure for your website with measurable results, pay per click is a fantastic method. What's more, by setting your budget at a manageable amount across a variety of campaigns, it's easy to learn about your potential customers and their buying cycles.

The stages of a PPC campaign

Creating the perfect campaign

For people like us, creating a campaign is mix of science and art. You want to create something which will generate traffic, but not just traffic, traffic from people in the right part of the buying cycle for your campaign objectives. We research the keywords that will drive traffic and enquiries and mix it with ad text and images that speak to your audience, enticing them to click your ads and ultimately, do business with you.

Monitoring the campaigns performance

Monitoring the campaign is of great importance. There's no point having ads running if they don't work for your business, and every business varies as to what will and won't work because we all have different objectives. Equally, if something is working, then why not maximise on that?

It takes a keen eye to understand what is going on.

Adapting your campaigns

We can't guarantee that every ad we run for you will convert at 80% and you will be inundated with enquiries but we will certainly try our best to make it work for you. We, just like every other PPC skilled agency in the country will have to learn from the campaign.

The key to keeping your PPC under control is keeping on top of its performance and adapting to the results that are working for you. We also don't want costs to run away with us, nor do we want to create too many opportunities for your business.

Every digital agency offers SEO, but what we at Revolution Generation do better is understand your business.

Whilst other companies will sell you leads, we aim to sell you great quality leads.

More than being aesthetically pleasing, your branding and imagery needs to tell people what your business is about.

Understanding where your clients are coming from and where they are going is of huge importance.

More than a passing phase, social media is important to any business hoping to gain traction online.