If you are looking for a CRM but bewildered by the options available to you then we may have something that is right up your street.

Not all CRM solutions have to drive you crazy

So many times we hear from companies who are knee deep in spreadsheets and are losing track of their customers lifecycles but desperately want to gain to control. Those same people are sick to the back teeth of people quoting a 'per user' price and inflating the costs.

We see no benefit to that sort of pricing structure, after all, once its built, the number of users wont matter at all to us. At Revolution Generation, we are able to provide you with a CRM solution that has been tailored to your business needs and understands how your staff work.

We could talk about the architecture of the software and about fully modular bespoke offerings but we won't, that's just jargon.

Can I transfer information between systems easily?

Yes, of course. Software is very friendly. They really like talking to each other. We very rarely find pieces of software we haven't been able to integrate into another. We love to automate processes so our CRM's automatically feed into other bits and bobs including phone systems, HR & payroll systems.

I've got thousands of potential customers, can I load their data into the system easily?

Yes. We always try to make inputting data easy, especially when it's vast amounts because nobody wants the work experience person sat there manually entering 1,ooo's of records incorrectly.

Do I need a server?

That depends. We would look at what you need and what you have before jumping wildy into suggestions like that.

Whether you need a brochure site, online shop or anything in between, there are a thousand companies vying for your attention. Don't be fooled by technical jargon, or flashy graphics. You need to know you are going to work with someone you trust.

If you can't find what you need 'off-the shelf' then what you really want is a piece of bespoke software. It might sound fancy but it's really just an answer to everything you've ever needed!

Intranet solutions are massively valuable if you are looking for a way to communicate with your employees, including those across multiple sites.

It seems everyone either has a great idea for an app, or wants an app but doesn't know what their customers would want. That is where we can step in.

Understanding where your clients are coming from and where they are going is of huge importance.