Intranet Solutions

Intranet solutions are massively valuable if you are looking for a way to communicate with your employees, including those across multiple sites.

But we know how much they can cost if you are looking to external sources. They often charge a per user per month fee which can easily start to stack up. Others charge a one off fee and a high maintenance charge of thousands of pounds a month.

We don't see how either of these models work. You end up paying for features you don't need or want, and paying a vast amount of money.

We do things a little differently and try to pack in as many features as you need.

Questions people love to ask about Intranets

We figure you probably have lots that you want to find out and we often get asked the same questions so let's see if we can't answer some of them for your here.

Can our Intranet link to current HR processes?

Yes. We feel it's really important that each member of staff is given intranet access as soon as they are employed by the business. That's why we look at ways in which we can integrate with your current HR solutions. This way, when a new employee is set up, for example on the payroll system, they would automatically be registered on the intranet. Your HR team will love the fact that they don't need to do any additional work and your staff will feel welcomes into the business from day 1. It works the other way too, we try to remove each staff leaver from the system in a similar way to ensure access to the intranet is removed just as they leave.

Can our intranet authenticate from computer log-ins?

Where possible we create intranet solutions that mean your users don't need additional log-in credentials so they don't forget their passwords too often. What's more, we can create mobile sites, and apps if your users are going to be accessing the intranet offsite or from mobiles and tablets.

Can we give intranet users different access levels?

Yes. Access levels are important to most business intranets. It allows you to define what information your users are faced with when they log in.

What would you suggest we use our intranet for?

You should already have some ideas as to what you need, but we suggest the following uses to help you with your decision.

Document Manager

You could host all your health & safety documents here, and your company policies, your handbook, instructions on how to use the microwave or even dress code policies.


Create a constantly evolving news feed tailored to your staff's positions and locations with updates on new business wins, messages from the managers, employee of the month etc.

Your Staff Views

Create an engaging environment where staff can feedback on important events within the business.


We all know how sometimes you can forget to pull your expenses together in time. Take the stress out of it with a reminder every month to complete the request and an online form that is submitted to line managers for approval, before making their way to payroll. It's less paper, its easy for everyone involved and if done right, can save your business thousands of pounds.

Holiday Requests

In a similar fashion to the Expenses section, we can make holiday requests as easy as pie allowing requests to be sent to managers and heading to HR once approved.

Appraisal Process

The entire appraisal process can be brought onto your intranet to. Reminders are sent to managers when appraisals are due, prompting for forms to be filled in and meetings to be scheduled. It notifies the relevant people and makes sure that reminders are sent at the right times. You could probably sack your HR Manager

Whether you need a brochure site, online shop or anything in between, there are a thousand companies vying for your attention. Don't be fooled by technical jargon, or flashy graphics. You need to know you are going to work with someone you trust.

When we needed to buy a dialler solution for a business we work with we decided the best option was to build it from scratch and create a bespoke solution that worked with their requirements exactly. When we told people about this, they loved the fact that we could do the exact same thing for them and even for their clients too.

We call our system Comunik8.

If you can't find what you need 'off-the shelf' then what you really want is a piece of bespoke software. It might sound fancy but it's really just an answer to everything you've ever needed!

Understanding where your clients are coming from and where they are going is of huge importance.